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Sundarban Foundation wants to Victimization of those family main earning persons absence widow women’s are totally alone and departed from the local villagers. Our Trustee will have to start for raising our helping hand and support to those alone widow women’s transform them to bring back them mainstream social and working area. We the Trustee provides the skill education and give them proper training with many Skillful contents in various sector like- Bamboo stick caning, Cloth Knitting, Sewing Machine, Agarbati Making and give the minimum education qualification to their children’s with providing them pencils, Books, Scales and geomantic box.

Chairman Message

The Foudation “Sundarban Foundation” itself a total equipped powerful project with including all the best activities to social area & accustoms with Sundarban surrounding persons specially Tiger Victim Widow Women’s with carrying fast work loading capabilities & efficient motive of positive group of friendly environment trustee / organization which has ornamented with many activities :-

Widow Women’s Support who are tiger Victimized & fight against poverty.

Those Women’s who are financially backward help tem financial support.

To give them skillful training with various skill trainings.

Give the education with free of cost to their children’s.

Giving them medical support & good hospitality.

Free Eye check up camps with distribution of spectacles & also giving them health check camps with totally free of cost.

Our trustee have a positive motive to stand up behind those Widow Women’s & help out the poor & low income based person’s who are totally departed from of the surrounding villagers of total Sundarban area .This particular project helps us to carry out more & more activities for poor to poorest communities of the societies of sundarban area where I feel in every moment to do something in favor of poorest peoples & low based income persons of Sundarban mangrove forest areas.

Most of the organizations /trustee spreads their activities & work for the poor communities but unfortunately most of the trustee / society / NGO organizations unable to take the responsibilities of those Widow Women’s project of Sundarban area in a bigger way.

My only key target & motive towards to work in a serious manner t support the Widow Womens & poorest persons of Sundraban areas, & give the maximum effort to stand up behind the Tiger Victim Widow Women’s who are alone from society due to absence of their Husband’s & the persons of Sundarban mangrove forest area who are fighting against poverty & with tremendous financial problems to0 fulfill our projects in a proper manner & giving them better services through giving them good hospitalities & proper education to the their childrens

I am the President be a part of this society always ready to take risks with honest motive to give the better services for the poor & poorest peoples of this community with my capacity & capability & financial support from different sources to make a Nobel work for this community specifically with various activities from our society to all over India & the particular state where we will try to make a honest project through up- to- date services , advanced medical services with world best surgeries with eminent group of Doctor’s & with advanced equipments to cure up totally from critical diseases to those poorest peoples & give them a normal healthy life hood .

Be a President I have a big responsibility to build up this project in a successful way as soon as possible & start up the total hospital services very quickly due to poor condition in surrounding areas of this Sundarban district & no facilities specially for the bigger support & hospitality services through bigger coverage area of the local residential of this particular area, also in emergency moments too. Be honestly our society must responsible to the society to give up services to those Tiger Victim families & poorest persons of total Sundarban surroundings who are fighting against poverty & starvation.