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Sundarban Foundation is a committed voluntary organization and NGO of West Bengal, with multifa- ceted community development and health care. Recent years marked turning point in the growth & further diversification of Sundarban Foundation in the fields of socio-economic, health, education & self-sustained community development in the ensuing crucial years that is faced round the globe.

Now we're gonna make our dream come true. You wanna be where you can see our troubles are all the same. You wanna be where everybody.

Recent Projects

Our charity helps those people who have no hope

Donate For Child Education

Our aim to help families escape the cycle of poverty through various educational and livelihood programs.

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Donate For Widows Support

Providing economical and healthcare support to the poor widow women who are tiger victimised

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Donate For Women Empowerment

Help poor village women become financially independent by supporting their self help group

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Donate For Medical Support

We provide medical support to poor and needy people of Sundanban by Free medical check up, medicine & Health awareness programs

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Donate For Skill Training

For many underprivileged children in Sundarban, education is a luxury that they cannot afford. Poverty plays a key role in taking away this opportunity from them

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Donate For Social Awareness

Public awareness can be part of an overall approach to preventing abuse and neglect to women & children by educating the public.

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Donate For Disaster Management

Work as a Volunteer or Intern in a emergency relief and disaster management programs in Sundarban and help those people who affected by natural disaster.

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Who we are ? Organization You Can Trust

The Sundarban Foundation is established for the development of Sundarbans area to provide the service for the poor people and villagers who are residing in critical situation where most of them are suffering and struggling for their livelihood and try to make their earnings with some local product like honey collection, fishing, wood cutting, cultivation and thorough boating service etc.